Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Today I will be discussing how to make money at home in your spare time with affiliate marketing for beginners

But first, a little tough love…

For the sake of transparency I will tell you that you need to have at least up to $300-500 ready to start affiliate marketing. Be realistic and prepared to invest in your business and yourself. There is no getting something for nothing or ‘get rich schemes’. It takes time, patience and perseverance to build any business. Yes, there will be frustrations and roadblocks along the way but if you keep at it, you can and will be successful

Many online entrepreneurs have gotten their start through affiliate marketing. With that I mean, being an affiliate was the stepping stone to making an online income and they became successful enough to quit their day jobs and were able to work from home. Spending more time with loved ones, travelling or doing whatever they feel like

You can get started without having your own product, without having to deal with customer support or even a website or blog (although I do recommend that you have both, it just makes things easier). And you can start right now…

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you, the affiliate, promotes another company or persons product. When you make a sell through your affiliate link you earn a commission from the products’ vendor or seller. Basically you get paid for bringing buyers to sellers via ads or promotional tools such as banners, videos or wherever you can place an affiliate link.

* Note * It is very important to read the terms of agreement on where you can and can not place an ad or your affiliate link. Every company is different in the way they want their products’ advertised and promoted. There are restrictions for example on sending out spammy emails and violating these restrictions can get you thrown out of an affiliate program and banned

The fact that there are many ways that you can advertise for free online or with very little money, makes affiliate marketing the best place to start or expand your online business. With your own flexible time schedule and your advertising efforts working 24/7, your online business can eventually lead to a passive income lasting many years.

Imagine…NO boss, NO commute with the headaches of traffic, NO interaction with customers, NO major tech skills needed and the option to take a day off when it suits you. There is no better business than creating one for yourself that allows you the flexibility to take charge of your own life.

See how I began my affiliate marketing dream

Where Do You Find Affiliate Programs?

To start with you need to choose a niche, or a category that you would like to promote. Ideally this will be something that you have some knowledge about or can easily research to learn more about. If you have a niche that you are passionate about, say gardening or weight loss for example, then those are the products’ you should start with

Choosing your niche depends on what you want to sell. If you have an interest in selling digital products’, informational products’, software and/or affiliate tools, there are some great platforms to get started. Almost all of them are free to sign up and get started and most have training on the inside to help you make the most out of it. Take advantage of this training, it will be the best thing you can do to help you in your efforts of marketing.

Joining Affiliate Programs

ClickBank is a great place to start and my number one recommendation for affiliate marketing. It is also the top platform for affiliates and vendors that create their own product and wish to have affiliates promoting them. Signing up is free and there is also a knowledge base that helps you learn everything you need to know about using their site. Once you have signed up, go to the Marketplace tab and look around they literally have thousands of products’ and programs that you can promote. When you find a product you think you are interested in you can research it a bit more. ClickBank lists everything you need to know as far as how much commission is paid per sale, conversion rate etc. and an affiliate page link is also listed where you can get email swipes, banner codes and small ads to promote etc. Click on the programs title link so you can view the product and or video to better understand what the program is about. You DO NOT need to buy the program to promote it

As you can see below, ClickBank has tons of program niches to choose from. You can see in the screenshots below how many categories they have and how ClickBank shows the stats on each program

ClickBank Market Dashboard Example

ClickBank Affiliate Program Description Example

Sign Up For ClickBank

*Note* While ClickBank can be an excellent platform for affiliates, be aware that some of the programs are what I call “over nighters”. Meaning that the vendor/product is only there to make quick cash off your promotions and not really adding any support past the buying phase. Stay away from programs that say things like “5 Minute Profits” or anything that promises millions in a year etc. Do a Google search on the program name adding scam after it to read some reviews. You don’t want to promote programs/products that don’t keep the trust with your customers.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

Another great site for digital products’ is JVZoo, it’s also free to sign up and use. I highly recommend that you sign up for their newsletter as it can be full of great educational information. The only drawback to JVZoo is that you have to request approval from the product vendors to promote their products’. They offer free video tutorials showing you the best way to do this. While some are very difficult to get approval for, most are very easy as the vendors want their products’ out there. The more advertising they get the more money you make, the more money they make. It’s a win-win

If you are new to JVZoo, your payment may be delayed for up to 30 days by the vendor to cover refunds etc. Don’t let that scare you off though. Request approval from a few programs in case you don’t get approved for some of them. Sometimes the vendor doesn’t respond to those request that haven’t gotten any sales. JVZoo also lists stats on the products’ as you can see below. It is a great platform for finding product launches giving you an advantage of being prepared to start your advertising efforts as you can schedule your promotions and ads for the date of product launches and get your links out there as soon as they go live. Make sure you read up on how JVZoo works if you sign up it can be a little confusing in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it quickly

JVZoo vendors don’t give you an affiliate page link, meaning you will have to create the content for your ads yourself but you can copy and paste certain pieces of the sales page to help you build the content for your campaigns or ads. Most of the vendors at JVZoo allow you to add bonuses for your affiliate link. Although for now I recommend just sticking with promoting products’ until you are more comfortable in affiliate marketing

JVZoo Affiliate Request Link Example

Sign Up For JVZoo

If you are more interested in selling physical products’ without creating an actual online store, renting a warehouse, buying and shipping products’ or dealing with customers then Amazon has an amazing affiliate program that allows you to advertise products’ where you make a commission. In fact, you can discover many affiliate programs by scrolling to the bottom of any online store. If you see a link that says ‘Affiliates’, ‘Associates’ or ‘Partners’, you can apply to their affiliate program. If you have a particular store or retailer that you want to promote, do a Google search for the store and add affiliate program at the end of your search term

Amazon Affiliate Program Link Example

Sign Up For Amazon Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Sign Up Page Example

Sign Up For Walmart Affiliate Program

Getting Your Affiliate Links

Once you choose your niche, have signed up for affiliate programs it’s time to get your affiliate links for products’ or programs that you are interested in. Every program is different in how you generate your link. For now, I am just going to use Amazon for explaining further. Once you sign up, make sure to fill out all the tax forms and your payment information so you can be paid, usually through PayPal, bank account or check. After the account set up process for Amazon, click on the Product Linking tab to start your product search. I suggest that you use a new note pad page to list your product links, using separate pages for each niche and affiliate programs. This will also help in tracking your affiliate links. On the product links page, Amazon also has an area where you can search all the latest best-selling products’ via a drop down menu listing all the categories of products’

Amazon Product Search And Link Page

Once you’ve searched and found the product you want to promote click on ‘get links’. This will then open a link page displaying HTML Code you can insert on your website, blog or video description (more on video description in my next post). On this page you can customize your link in colors. You can choose to get text and image, image only or text only…just click on the tab you want and copy the code. You can be specific in searches or use a general keyword term

For the example below I have searched ‘Gardening’ as my product keyword…

Many big box retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot just to name a few, offer affiliate programs. They all work basically the same in that you advertise their products’ and get paid a commission when someone buys through your affiliate link. I do recommend that you stick with one category of products’ to start with, however you can get related products’ from many sources. That’s what is so great about these kinds of affiliate programs, you can offer your customers or visitors on your site different prices and options from more than one retailer while making money by selling the products’ through your links. If you have a particular store or retailer that you want to promote, do a Google search for the store and add affiliate program at the end of your search term

Whichever affiliate program you decide on, be sure to bookmark the site so you can easily get back to it. When I first started out I would sign up for a program and not save the info or bookmark it and then I would forget it, this possibly cost me making money on those programs. Since then, I’ve created a bookmark folder solely for my affiliate program sites and I also make a list on notepad on my computer with the site/product and my affiliate link. This also helps in not having to constantly log in to a site to get your links when creating your promotion campaigns or ads. It’s just as important to be organised with your online business as if you were working a regular job, maybe more so as this is YOUR business

Some affiliate programs make your link very visible on your account dashboard or in the case of ClickBank and JVZoo (with vendor approval), an affiliate link will generate when you choose and click on a product to promote. There may even be more than one affiliate link promoting different upgrades, premium accounts or added bonuses etc for you to use. Click through them to choose which one you want to promote or promote them all

For ClickBank, once you have found your product to promote, click on the red ‘Promote’ button then you can add a tracking id or not and hit ‘generate link’ and it will show your hop link or affiliate link. Copy it to promote it

My ClickBank Hop Link (Affiliate Link) For Flat Belly Fix Program

As you can see, they are completely different in how you access your affiliate link and even how they look. Look around on the inside of the site you signed up with and you’ll get the gist of how it works. Don’t be afraid to click on stuff, you can’t break it.

All of the affiliate programs I use offer stats on your links so you can see if you have clicks, referrals or buyers. You’ll usually find this under ‘Reporting” or ‘Stats”

*Note that most of the big box retailers and some affiliate programs don’t offer referral links to the program itself but instead give links to products

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Now it’s time for you to explore, sign up for an affiliate account, find your niche and do some research. Follow your instinct, if you are passionate about a particular niche or product…go with it, you are already an ‘expert’ in your niche! Remember to stay organised and make note of your affiliate sites, the products’ and their affiliate links

Next, I will be discussing how to get buyers and traffic to your links or site. I hope to see you then!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to post them below or send me an email

Cheers To Our Success!


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