Affiliate Marketing Hack

Want to make some cash and get visitors to your site?

What if I told you how you could be making $25 for every referral you bring to a very popular shopping website? That’s not all… Your referral will also get $10 when they sign up!

Plus there’s more…

Every time you shop the 100’s of online stores using this portal, you’ll get cash back and so will they! Stores like Amazon, Walmart, JCPenny, Keurig, Groupon and so many more!

Would you refer your friends and family? Or perhaps write a blog post about it to get more referrals and visitors? I’m sure you would if you could also help them earn $25 plus cash back on purchases by sharing this affiliate hack, even if they aren’t an affiliate

How Does It Work?

It’s an online shopping portal and app called Ebates. And until April 30 2019 Ebates will pay you $25 for every referral that signs up and completes a qualifying purchase.

Sign up through the link or by clicking on the banner below, purchase $25 through the shopping portal and receive a $10 bonus added to ‘Your Fat Check’. Yes, I will receive $25 after you sign up and shop! But you can do it too…

Your referral will get a $10 sign up bonus added to their ‘Fat Check’ plus they will also receive cash back on qualifying purchases when they shop.

You receive your $25 bonus when your referral completes the sign up process (short and sweet) and a qualifying purchase of $25.

Discover How To Make Money From Home

Ebates has some really great features to help make shopping easy:

  • Save stores to your favorites list on the site for easy navigation
  • A huge selection of stores, products and even travel discounts
  • A credit card that allows you to earn even more cash back
  • Save your credit card to your account to earn cash back while shopping in stores (only applicable stores apply

That’s only a few of the great things about shopping with Ebates but you’ll soon discover the rest for yourself

How Do You Get Referrals?

I started with Ebates about 2 years ago, really just to get cash back through Christmas shopping online. I was amazed at how quickly the cash back added up. Then I told my niece about Ebates and how much I got back just doing most of my Christmas shopping online.

Some Of My First ‘Fat Checks’ via PayPal before I started using the referral Program

My niece, Mytrise, has a pretty large family with 4 daughters plus taking care of her father in law, with not much time to spend in the stores, she does most of her shopping online.

So, I shared my link with her and it was a short time later that she received her first ‘Fat Check’ for almost $300!! Just for doing her back to school shopping. Now she uses Ebates for almost all of her online shopping

I started getting more referrals through my friends and family. No, I didn’t badger them, nor was I pushy in my efforts to get them to sign up through my link. I simply told them about Ebates and how much money I got back on my first ‘Fat Check’ and they were practically begging me for my link.
They signed up, shopped and got cash back plus their $10 sign up bonus.

My Next ‘Fat Check” after using the referral program

Guess what happened next…

They shared their referral link with their family and friends and started making $25 per sign up too!

Getting your own referrals is easy. You can do the same as I did by sharing your link with your family and friends. If that’s not something your comfortable with, you can promote them on your website or blog as I have done here by sharing your link through text or images. This will also bring visitors to my site where I hope they will visit the rest of my site and become a subscriber or follower, or better yet…a buyer

To get your referral link, simply click on the ‘Refer and Earn’ tab on your account dashboard

It will take you the page like the one below where you can share your link several ways.

Email, Facebook, Twitter or copy and paste your link via SMS or in blogs/websites

How Do I Get Paid?

Ebates pays your ‘Fat Check’ either via a physical check mailed to your address or through your PayPal account. Usually every 3 months. All purchases have to be approved via the merchant for cash back to be added to your account for payment. I have never had a problem getting any of my cash back

If you are considered a social media influencer, you can apply for their influencer program. You will find the link at the bottom of the Ebates home page

Need a PayPal account? Sign up here (not an affiliate link)

What You Need To Know

While Ebates is a great platform for making money, they do have some rules:

  • No bulk email distribution
  • No creating fake accounts, blogs, web pages, profiles, websites, links or messages
  • You MUST be a member to participate in their referral program
  • Make at least $25 in purchases that earn Cash Back through within one (1) year from sign-up
  • Bidding on any keywords containing “Ebates” or common misspellings thereof is strictly prohibited
  • Any referrals must be new to Ebates to qualify

Violating any of these rules or terms will get you disqualified and all referral funds earned may be forfeited. As always, it is your responsibility to read, understand and adhere to their Terms Of Conditions. See full Terms Of Conditions Here

Ebates does not pay you for your referrals sign ups. Ebates is not an affiliate program

Lets Make Some Money

Go ahead and give it a try! There are so many stores on Ebates that I am sure you will find something you need or want. If you don’t have a particular store in mind, use the Ebates search bar for a product you are looking for. Choose your store from thelist that appears in search results…and get cash back while you’re at it!

Then post your link on your FB page or tweet a post on Twitter.

Have a site dedicated to eCommerce products? Invite your customers to sign up for Ebates so they too can save money and you get the referral and $25

I hope you are inspired my little ‘hack’ and sign up for Ebates so that we can both make some money

As always I welcome you to leave any questions, comments or feedback below or simply shoot me an email

Cheers, Pam Learn how to make money from home