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Affiliate Bots 2.0

If You’re into Affiliate Marketing, READ THIS…

Let’s face it, being an affiliate marketer is not easy or cheap. It’s finding the right products, getting traffic, making videos and well, the list goes on and on

I have discovered an amazing software package that includes ALL the tools you need to create and promote your affiliate tools for one low price. This software package includes 37 Bot Software Tools and was created by a guy named Chris who is offering an amazing opportunity

Who Is Chris?

Chris has been an affiliate marketer and product creator for more than 20 years. He has stood the test of time in marketing and creating products for marketers. He was an ordinary guy from the UK who wanted to make a living while being able to enjoy time with his family so he set out to find business opportunities to help him do just that.

After struggling to get his home business off the ground and struggling to make commissions from his affiliate links Chris discovered several secrets about affiliate marketing that turned everything around

He then became a ClickBank top seller and vendor many times with his affiliate marketing techniques and software packages

See, Chris has made MILLIONS in affiliate commissions and now he wants to help YOU do the same by offering the tools he has created. Chris wants to give back by offering easy to use tools and software and his knowledge that he has gleaned through his online affiliate marketing experiences. He wants to share his secrets with you

There are 2 things Chris is very good at…

  1. Making Money
  2. Building Software

And now he’s making a killing with a Affiliate Bots 2.0. And Today he wants “Affiliate Partners” to COPY him

Deploy These 37 AUTO-BOTS to Your Affiliate Campaigns & You Could Be Generating DAILY
Commissions Like This…

So what the heck’s he up to? And why does he NEED partners today? Well, you already know that..

Big websites like Facebook make BILLIONS. But…

There are many people making MILLIONS with small websites, too. And that’s exactly what this guy’s doing. Making serious cash from SECRET websites using this exact software package of affiliate tools that he created for himself

I know, it all sounds like a big sales pitch…and well it is. I have been following Chris for a couple of years now and I have learned a lot from this guy and his training videos.

This is the same software package I use to help my marketing efforts and let me tell you, it has taken my business to the next level. And it works anywhere in the world

Below is the Auto Affiliate Ads Bot, just one of the software tools in Affiliate Bots 2.0 that I use to help boost my affiliate marketing

Discover 2,000 Banners for 1,000 ClickBank Affiliate Programs & Monetize Your Website in 1 Click

What Is Affiliate Bots 2.0?

Affiliate Bots 2.0 is a complete software package of tools offering 37 software bots that can help you build, create and promote your online business and boost your affiliate commissions and income

And not just affiliate marketing. Chris will show you how to build up any affiliate niche to make money from home

Chris has analysed, deconstructed and templated out his million dollar affiliate formula. And even better… he’s completely automated it, with “AI” (Artificial Intelligence)

This system can be used to sell almost anything as an affiliate:

ClickBank eBooks…JVZoo software…

Hosting offers and IM offers…

It’s ALL been automated!

And you can use the software to…

  • Get 700k traffic opportunities from the Alexa 100k sites
  • Improve the conversions of ANY website with 10 “widgets”
  • Add & split-test 2,000 ClickBank banners on your sites
  • Discover the $10,000/day JVZoo products
  • Work out the top 100 ClickBank programs daily
  • Predict six-figure launches, weeks in advance
  • Profit with the biggest web hosting programs online
  • Create “million dollar” sales letters
  • Get free video traffic with YouTube & Google
  • Predict the most profitable affiliate campaigns
  • Create world-class, Hollywood-style videos
  • Build your list and suck in thousands of targeted leads

This is EVERYTHING you need to automate affiliate marketing in 2019!

Sounds great, right? I promise you, it’s the BEST software package on the market today and it will help you become a better marketer

But how can YOU copy him?

Well, that’s where The Affiliate Autobots comes in.

WITH 37 Software tools…For just $17!

Here’s what’s on offer today:

  • AI Traffic Search – a search engine of 18 traffic opportunites across the top 100,000 websites
  • Web Widgets – copy & paste one line of code… to boost conversions on any website… with 10 widgets!
  • Banner Builder – which creates instant banners for any affiliate program or product
  • Dropaveli – discover premium dropped domain names for any keyword, with 10,000 new domains added daily
  • Affiliate Ads 2.0 – instantly find and split-test banner ads for over 200 ClickBank affiliate programs
  • Warrior250 – discover the top 250 affiliate programs on WarriorPlus, updated daily
  • HostingAffiliate Bot – which displays the top affiliate programs for the monster hosting niche
  • IM Affiliate Bot – which displays my own personally most profitable affiliate programs in the Internet marketing niche
  • King Of The Zon – discover the top 200 brand new, hottest products on Amazon, updated daily
  • Launch Pulse – displays the top launches happening on JVZoo, ClickBank & WarriorPlus in the next 30 days
  • CB 250 – shows you the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs, making seven figures a month in sales
  • King of the Zoo – discovers profitable affiliate programs that are making thousands of dollars per day, right now, for affiliates just like you…
  • 1 Click Affiliate – that auto-creates profitable affiliate websites and landing pages for any niche, product or affiliate program in 60 seconds.
  • 1 Click Video Pages – which lets you create super-profitable video websites using my 10 proven templates
  • Rapid Video Creator – that auto-creates profitable YouTube videos for any buyer keyword in 60 seconds
  • Resell Database software – pre-loaded with 1000s of extra software and other products that you can license in minutes
  • AutoMail software – an autoresponder which lets you build an unlimited list and send unlimited emails for life
  • Domainaveli – discover hidden premium domain names – with the ultimate website name software

And that’s just the software! There is sooo much more inside

Plus If You Order Now, Chris Will Give You An Additional $5 Off The Entire Package!

Check out this demo video to see how it all works… And why it’s so VERY profitable right now

Watch Demo Video

Affiliate BOTS will convert to ANY type of “make money” traffic, but will SMASH for your affiliate marketing lists. I HIGHLY recommend this software package. I use at least one of these tools everyday to create my promotional campaigns. To discover new product launches to get a head start advantage. To get targeted traffic to my affiliate links and so much more

Watch the video and see everything that Affiliate Bots 2.0 can do for you and take your online business to the next level.

I am always eager to hear your comments and feed back. Please let me know how Affiliate Bots 2.0 has helped you in your marketing efforts and making money from home being an affiliate marketer

Leave a comment below or send me an email

Cheers, Pam

12 thoughts on “Affiliate Product Reviews”

  1. Very interesting opportunity presented here; this might be something that I am interested in for my own site. Would this be a helpful product if I am interested in creating an Ecommerce store here in the near future? I am bookmarking this page and look forward to your reply.

    Thank you for this post!

    1. Absolutely Ben, there are so many tools you can use in the Affiliate Bots 2.0 package to create videos, images, ads, banners etc. It comes with all the training videos for each software as well. You can even learn how to design T Shirts using TSpring to sell in your E Commerce store without carrying inventory (super easy to use). Chris also shows you many different ways to get traffic to your site free or paid. The possibilities are endless.

      Best of luck! Thanks for the comments
      Pam 🙂

  2. Very interesting article. I am working on trying to start my own website and this looks like something that might be very helpful. I love the automation idea – sounds really helpful. I am bookmarking this so I can come back when I have my site more up and running – thanks so much

    1. My pleasure Trish. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while now and this is the easiest software for automating and creating content, ads and video ads that I have ever seen. The price is great for all the value you can get out of it.

      Thanks for your comments

      Best of luck in your endeavors!

  3. I cannot say anything but WOW. Why does Chris sell it at this incredibly low price! I’m just stunned by the opportunity! Excuse me for my ignorance but is this even real ?It looks almost too good to be true,honestly!

    1. Hi Sebastian,
      Oh yes, Chris is 100% real and is a top marketer and vendor on ClickBank and JVZoo. His products are amazing and his training videos are top notch. He can sell it cheap because he sells A LOT! of his software packages, not to mention he is a millionaire lol…. he really does like helping people and has answered my many many many emails in the past when I first started following him. He is a great guy and offers support for ALL of his products.

      Thanks for the comments
      Wishing you all the best in your endeavors

  4. I’ve heard of autobots and was thinking about finding a program to help me. I have an ecommerce store I’ve just set up in which I’m going to sell my t shirt designs using print on demand, as well as promote affiliate products so I’m bookmarking this page! 🙂

    1. This would be perfect for you Kathy! It includes a TSpring training video and software. You could find great value in this in so many ways…making video ads for your cat blog, it has software that can capture any image from a video and you can create your own videos using images. Video is the new wave of traffic and that traffic is FREE!I do hope you take advantage of this in the future before he raises the price.
      Wishing you all the success on your E Commerce store

    1. Hi Derek,
      No, you wont get penalized by google if you follow his steps in gaining traffic. Chris has several different methods of getting traffic including some widgets you can add to your site. He shows you step by step how to do them as well. There is some work involved as nothing is without effort.
      Thanks for the comment…Best of luck to you!

  5. Thanks for this Pam. I will implement this into my existing online business. I’ll be in touch with you for further help. Thanks


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