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Hi everyone,

My name is Pamela and I would like to welcome you to The Freedom Of Freelancing website. Like many new entrepreneurs, I struggled for many years to make an online income. I spent thousands of dollars buying up every opportunity that I could find. I would quit in frustration only to go back and try again and again, spending even more of my family’s hard-earned money. All to no avail

Through all of those years, I did pick up a few things that seemed to stand the test of time. Now I want to share some of those tips with you. Rather, you are a newbie or experienced, I hope that you gain some insight that will help you succeed in making money from home so that you can live the life you choose with the freedom to do as you wish

What I Am NOT Doing In Affiliate Marketing

I find it amusing some of the labels that a lot of marketers give themselves, just to sell their latest and greatest new system or product. With that being said, here is what I am not…

I am by no means a ‘guru’.

I do not claim to have made millions by internet marketing. I do not have the golden secret to all that is affiliate marketing.

I do not have ‘get rich’ overnight schemes that will catapult you into the millionaires club.

Nope, none of that here.

While I am sure that there are many people out there that have made huge sums of money with internet marketing and may actually be considered a guru, I have never come across them. Trust me, I have bought a lot of programs by these self-proclaimed experts. My computer was full of software that didn’t work. My desktop had so many icons for products and software that some of them I never ended up using after the first time or so. My email consisted of so much spam from them adding me to their list so that I would buy more systems and products. My contacts ( and sent box) was full of support emails that never got answered. Sound familiar?

Well, that computer crashed and though at the time I was extremely frustrated and mad, now I believe it was a blessing in disguise

What I Am Doing Different This Time

First, I bought a new computer and made a solid promise to myself. I vowed not to buy up the affiliate marketing world wasting more of my family’s money. I came up with a few things that a program would need to have before I would promote it

  • Support I felt that if I was going to give someone my money for trusting their product, support was imperative
  • Affordable truly affordable for the everyday person. Without too many up sells and having to fork out more money on extra products to make it work
  • Proof I wanted proof that the system works, not just for the creator but for the everyday affiliate as well
  • Evergreen – I wanted to find passive income that will bring in a steady income for a long time, so that meant finding products that people will want to keep using for months or years after the initial purchase

I am keen to find the right products to promote and/or purchase. Products that I can feel good about promoting. I like to keep things very transparent and honest. I spend very little money on products or advertising

Why Affiliate Marketing?

After so many years of trying to make money from home and finally having a little success under my belt, I found out that there are a lot of other ‘newbies’ or people that are like me, not so new but struggled to make even $1 for their efforts. My goal is to help others find genuine products that they can promote and have some success with. I want to share some of my experience and affiliate tools that have helped me tremendously. You do have to spend money to make money, but once you find the right tools and products it can be a rinse and repeat method on most of your promotions. With affiliate marketing changing almost daily, it’s important to keep focused on your goals and your wallet. My wish is that you will join me on this journey and that we all have success

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or email me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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